Our Story

aXiomatic powers unforgettable esports experiences through sports and entertainment expertise. The company began operations in November 2015 with a mission to build a portfolio of dynamic company holdings in the esports and video gaming industry. aXiomatic leadership includes Co-Executive Chairmen Peter Guber, Ted Leonsis, Jeff Vinik and Bruce Karsh who together represent an unparalleled team of sports, technology, entertainment and investment industry titans. Through strategic partnerships, investments and acquisitions, the team connects esports groups with valuable resources including venues, technologies, media content, distribution partners and investment capital.

In September 2016, aXiomatic acquired controlling interest in one of the world’s premier esports brands, Team Liquid. Working with this world championship team has given aXiomatic an authentic perspective into the rapidly-evolving esports audience and industry. In addition to Team Liquid, aXiomatic has made several strategic investments into esports-related businesses — from analytics and coaching to new gaming experiences. As esports continues its meteoric journey, it’s aXiomatic’s goal to use all of our resources to help create new and rich experiences for audiences and athletes alike.

― Bruce Stein

Ceo & Co-Founder