Web Summit

Player Two

A boy is able to keep the memory of his dad alive via his dad's saved record or "ghost car" in a racing game, showing how games facilitate bonds that not only cross distance but also time.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Deaf Overwatch fan Danik Soudakoff created custom ASL signs for Overwatch characters and gameplay elements to better serve the deaf fan community.


K/DA is a fictional, virtual K-pop girl group created by League of Legends publisher Riot Games, with each "member" based off an in-game character.

Pokémon GO Fest

Pokémon GO Fest 2019 Chicago saw over 60,000 attendees gather from around the world to celebrate their global community and celebrate an overlap of virtual fandom and real-life relationships.

Black Girl Gamers

A group of female black gamers show how cohorts traditionally outside the core esports demo are supporting each other and making gaming their own. 

13-Year-Old Def Gamer EWOK

Highlights from interview with Ewok, a 13-year-old deaf gamer that has built a dedicated community online and become the first female gamer to join the esports team FaZe Clan.

Marshmello Fortnite Concert

International superstar DJ Marshmello holds first-ever live, in-game concert within Fortnite, resulting in an experience that was shared simulatneously by over 10 million participants/viewers.

Fortnite Dances by Real-Life Sports Stars

Compilation of international sports stars celebrating wins with dances from the videogame Fortnite, showing the overlap of video game and traditional sports culture.

Sneaky's Cosplay

Pro League of Legends player Sneaky has garnered a massive fanbase as a decorated pro player, but also expresses his passion and creativity via gender-defying cosplay.

The Reddit r/Place Experiment

A collaborative 72-hour social experiment on Reddit that took on a life of its own, evolving into a dynamic competition with endless creativity and even a robust political system of conflicts and alliances.

Artificial: The Twitch Interactive Series

witch's live-acted show Artificial―featuring professional actors and high production value― allows input from the Twitch audience to guide the plot of the story in real-time.

Ninja Teams with a 7-Year-Old

Ninja randomly matches and plays Fornite with a 7-year-old fan, showcasing the unprecendented star accesibility and social nature of esports.

The Silver Snipers

A Swedish esports team wih an average age of 67 shows how competitive video games are not the sole prerogative of the young, but an activity that can be enjoyed by people of any age.

The Origin of Silver Scrapes

A brief history of how the song Silver Scrapes accidentally came to be the League of Legends' fan favorite accidental anthem (and the community's most beloved meme).

Twitch Plays Pokémon

The story of a social experiment in which over a million viewers on Twitch tried to control one player in a Pokemon game, in which every viewer could participate by typing commands in chat.

Mega Medley Guided by Twitch Chat

Twitch streamer Lara6683 plays a fluid 1.5hr long piano improv medly completely guided by the whims and suggestions of the live Twitch chat. (Warning: Video is very long, feel free to skip around)

Our Game

This video for League of Legends ―the world’s most popular esport― by Riot Games shows why the debate over whether esports should be classified as a ‘sport’ overlooks the broader cultural shift at play

Team Liquid X Marvel

Teaser for ‘Marvel x Team Liquid’ ― a first-of-its-kind partnership between the entertainment giant and a premiere esports team. Campaign centers on the notion that Liquid pros “chose to be heroes.”