aXiomatic Partners

Team Liquid

Team Liquid is one of the oldest and most respected brands in the esports industry. Founded in 2000 as a community website for the nascent competive gaming scene, Team Liquid has since grown into one of the most successful esports teams in the industry, fielding players in over ten esports titles. In 2016 aXiomatic purchased a majority position in Team Liquid and has since worked together with Team Liquid management and aXiomatic investors to bring know-how and best practices to team operations.

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Gamer Sensei

Gamer Sensei is a platform that matches casual gamers with expert instructors who are vetted and selected using a rigorous process. One-on-one coaching sessions provides everyday players a chance to learn from the best, while pro and semi-pro players are given the opportunity to monetize their hard-earned talent in their downtime. aXiomatic made a minority investment into Gamer Sensei in 2017 and believe that just like in traditional sports, coaching and training services will be in high demand in the growing esports industry.

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BITKRAFT is the world's first startup incubator dedicated to investments in the emerging esports ecosystem. Founded by esports industry veteran and serial entrepreneur, Jens Hilgers, as of late 2017 BITKRAFT has grown its portfolio to 15 companies, including startups such as DOJO Madness, Runtime and Level99. With a minority investment into BITKRAFT in 2017, aXiomatic gains visibility and further investment opportunity into early-stage esports startups that align with our mission of enhancing the esports fan experience.

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Super League Gaming

Super League Gaming (SLG) hosts local esports tournaments in cities across the US at movie theatres. Youths compete in teams against each other and also represent their city in national competitions against other cities. SLG has secured exclusive rights to Minecraft and League of Legends as well as from multiple theatrical chains for hosting in-theatre gaming competitions. aXiomatic took part in SLG's series C funding round, and aside from a minority stake in the company, owns the future rights to several of the league's future city franchises.

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Disney Accelerator

In July 2017, the Walt Disney Company announced an equity investment in aXiomatic as part of its Disney Accelerator program. The Disney Accelerator is designed to connect Disney’s portfolio companies with the creativity, imagination and expertise of The Walt Disney Company, providing unprecedented access to Disney’s leadership team across its vast array of business segments. aXiomatic looks forward to partnering with Disney in bringing the interactive gaming experience to the properties and distribution channels of the world’s largest media company.

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