Team Liquid Beats 100 Thieves to Win NA LCS Spring Split

April 20, 2018 Via ESPN

Team Liquid obliterated 100 Thieves in a 3-0 sweep to claim the North American League of Legends Championship Series Spring title on Sunday in Miami.

Despite 100 Thieves claiming the No. 1 seed going into the playoffs, Team Liquid was hot throughout these playoffs, and this series was no different. It didn’t matter what 100 Thieves threw at Liquid; it always found ways to outlast and shut down everything that 100 Thieves tried from start to finish.

Team Liquid seemed like it was playing with its food in all three games despite early results. 100 Thieves picked up first blood three times but never managed to turn the advantages into late-game prowess. Once major team fights broke out, it was Liquid that took control, and Liquid’s stranglehold over the neutral objectives across the map prevented 100 Thieves from gaining any leverage. Liquid’s control over the Baron essentially led to victories in Games 1 and 2.

In Game 1, 100 Thieves picked up two kills to set up what should have been an easy Baron take, but Liquid jungler Jake “Xmithie” Puchero flashed his way into the Baron pit with his Sejuani for a crucial Smite that stole the Baron away. With the powerful buff in hand, it wasn’t long before Liquid locked up the win.

In Game 2, Liquid decimated 100 Thieves in a 4-for-1 team fight that secured the Baron and allowed Liquid to pick up the win.

Game 3 was one final testament to the adaptability and resilience of Team Liquid. After 100 Thieves made the top lane a priority with gank after gank in the opening minutes, Liquid simply shifted its focus to the bottom lane to lean on AD carry Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, who stepped up and led his team to victory.

Just as he has done all throughout the Spring Split, Doublelift hard-carried his team to victory. With another stellar KDA (kills/deaths/assists) of 13/1/15 in this series, Doublelift wrapped up the playoffs with a ridiculous 35.3 KDA ratio, the highest in playoffs history. Not only that, but he also became the first player to win an NA LCS title with three different teams, and he did so while dealing with a tremendous personal tragedy.

Last week, Doublelift’s mother was killed and his father was critically injured in an alleged attack by his brother Yihong Peng. Early in the week, however, Team Liquid CEO and owner Steve Arhancet said Doublelift had decided to play in these finals.

Liquid will now get to turn its sights to the Mid-Season Invitational, where the team will represent North America against the best teams in the world this May.